Site Update For 2016

April 11, 2016


After having been hustling with schedules and photoshoots recently, finally i had the time to update the blog’s interface to make it more responsive with mobile devices. My last update was back at 2014. A lot of clients have shifted from using the laptop through the usage of smartphones, thus giving us the challenge of making our websites and blogs more appealing to mobile users. I had a hard time deciding if i should dish out the blogger platform and move on with paid subscriptions and hostings, I have been accustomed with the coding scheme of blogger so i decided to stick here at the moment, while i am still working on with other photography clients. I would like to introduce my Iphone imagery and Tutorials on various photography related information. Catch the new page and share it with friends, "sharing is caring” ain’t it guys? Haha thanks! it means a lot to me! - Cardinal
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