Apps I Use To Edit My iPhone Images

April 13, 2016

In this first post regarding smartphone photography, let me walk you through the tools that i mostly use when on the go or basically just the editors i use besides the stock camera app that comes along with the phone. I am not affiliated in any way with the mentioned companies/apps listed below. Let’s get to it.


One of the best reasons to use camera apps is to be able to obtain manual controls which the stock camera app does not provide. Here is a list of camera apps i use:

IMG 7281l
Cortex Camera $2.99 - A camera app which allows me to shoot with less noise on automatic settings under low lighting conditions, it also allows you to save in an uncompressed PNG file for better image quality. While it is an auto mode only app, users must hold the phone still for about 2-5 seconds to avoid camera blur, this is because of the auto settings and exposure compensation going on with the app. I mostly use it for compositions where i value quality over quantity.

IMG 7276
Night Cap Pro $1.99 - Now this one features full manual control on your shutter speed, aperture, focus and ISO. Perfect for light trails and evening landscapes. This app needs patience when using it because you will be playing the phone’s shutter speed ability, or better yet, invest in a tripod or improvise your own. With a lot of features dealing with ambient lighting, this one is a must have.


Post Processing is done after i made my selections from the camera apps, then feed them to the editors listed below:

IMG 7269
Snapseed (FREE) - Marked as essentials in the app store, this editor has everything you need, from fine tuning your images, HDR post processing (one of the best i have tested) through Black and White processing. One of it’s strong points is the selective editing tool, a tool where you can pick a point in any part of the image then you can change it’s brightness, contrast and saturation. I mostly use this app for creating HDR landscapes from a single image, It produces that subtle approach and fine tuning which other apps have failed to deliver.

Eraser+ $0.99 - Mainly used app for erasing un-necessary background objects and distractions. (Replaced by Snapseed’s Healing tool feature).

IMG 7271i
Darkroom 2 (FREE) ($5.99 for the Pro version) - One more full featured app which also plays a part on replacing the camera roll giving the “No Photo Import Ability” thus eliminating the part where you import photos from the camera roll to the app and making you produce double copies of the images. One of it’s strong points is the way it uses curves and hue adjustments (purchased In-app / pro version) and the ability to save your edits as a preset. I mostly use the app for final touches with my compositions and edits, giving that slight punch and contrast alongside with color toning. This app replaced my usage of the popular VSCO Cam which is also very good for achieving that classical film look. I stopped using VSCO because of the lack of the no import photo ability which Darkroom 2 provides.

End notes: I dont usually use a lot of apps for dealing with images shot using my smartphone, if complex editing is required i do my work on my Mac or Pc using desktop software.

My IPhone imagery that i have created alongside the tools that i have used can be found on our Iphone category under our works page.

So there you have it, my main apps for achieving my Iphone imagery. I hope you find this article useful and share it with others. What do you guys use or prefer with editing your images? Share it in the comments section below. :)

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