How to improve your working experience with your Wacom tablet (Tutorial #1)

Wacom Bamboo Capture Pen and Touch (4x6) Small
As a photographer, retoucher and a graphic artist, i rely mostly on productivity tools that can get the job done pretty accurate and fast, one nifty tool that i introduce to you is the Wacom Tablet. This touch / drawing pad was bought by a very good friend of mine for $99 and since then it has become a necessity. As much as i love using the pad for post processing my images with photographs and drawing concepts and diagrams for personal works, all tools that we use have wear and tear.

Isabella France (Pre 1st Birthday) Studio Portraiture

Isabella France 1st Birthday Celebration
Studio Portraiture
Cardinal Scene Studio

Joan Lazaro X Cardinal Scene

Joan Lazaro X Cardinal Scene
HMUA: Dey Caisip
Styling / Photography: Cardinal Delos Reyes

Beyonce's 7th Birthday Celebration

Beyonce Torno's 7th Birthday
Hawaiian Party Celebration
Fontana Leisure Park & Casino
Photography and Videography by: Cardinal Scene

HAU Graduation Portraiture // College of Hospitality Management (Studio)

Holy Angel University // College of Hospitality Management
Contact: Nicole Yambao
HMUA: Dey Caisip
Photo: Cardinal Scene